Figure 4. Sequence alignment of XynA and family 10 fungal endoxylanases with high degree of identity (> 50%) using the MATCHBOX program (7).
MATCHBOX matches the most similar 9-residue segments in a scan of the whole set of sequences. Numbers under the boxes indicate degree of similarity (1 is highest and these boxes are underlined). Only the segments of the protein sequences showing high similarity are included in the figure. Numbers to the left and right of the sequences indicate the protein segments aligned. Residues identical in all sequences are marked with a star. Numbers given on the right of the bottom panel indicate percentage of identity with XynA. The postulated catalytic glutamic acids and putative S-S-forming cysteines (conserved in all sequences) are shown by arrows. P. pu., endoxylanase A from P. purpurogenum (this work; AF249328); P. si., xylanase from P. simplicissimum ([25], AF070417); A. ac., xylanase FIa from A. aculeatus (AB013110); A. ka., xylanase A from A. kawachii ([14], D14847); P. ch., xylanase P from P. chrysogenum ([12], M98458); A. so., xylanase X1 from A. sojae (AB040414); T. au., xylanase A from Thermoascus aurantiacus ([26], AF127529); A. or., xylanase F1 from A. oryzae ([16], AB011212); E. ni., xylanase from Emericella (Aspergillus) nidulans ([19], Z49894); H. je., xylanase III from Hypocrea jecorina (Trichoderma reesei) (AB036796); F. ox.2., xylanase 2 from Fusarium oxysporum ([22], AF052583); F. ox.3., xylanase 3 from F. oxysporum ([22], AF052582); endoxylanase F1 from Alternaria alternata (AF176570); M. gr., xylanase 33 from Magnaporthe grisea ([30], L37530); C. pu., xylanase from Claviceps purpurea ([11] Y16970). GenBank accession numbers are given in parenthesis.