Figure 2. Sequence of the Chilean VacA clone # 1 and alignment with other VacA partial sequences.
The CH-CTX1 VacA fragment was matched to the amino acid positions 344 through 816 of H. pylori strain 26695, positions 341 and 814 in strain J99, and positions 349 and 821 in strain CCUG 17874. Identical amino acids are indicated by asterisks (*) and deleted positions by dashes (-). Amino acid differences in the CH-CTX1 VacA sequence are in bold face. The methionine initiator residue of the CH-CTX1 clone sequence added for expression was omitted. The underlined sequences indicate the region corresponding to the allele m1. GenBank vacA Acc# are: GI2314023 (26695); N1223537 (J99); Z26883 (CCUG17874).