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Vol. 13 No. 3, Issue of May 15, 2010

Figure 2. Cluster analyses of 32 wheat genotypes based on RAPD and SDS-PAGE analyses. NUWYT-normal: N1=AUP4606, N2=V-04188, N3=2KC050, N4=33010, N5=GA-2002, N6=V-04189, N7=V-03079, N8=MSH-14, N9=V-03138, N10=NR-285, N11=CT-99022, N12=9244, N13=DN-38, N14=PR-88, N15=PR-89, N16=SEHER-06, N17=32862, N18=V.MALIR, N19=TW0107, N20=V-MPT-7. NUWYT-rainfed: RF1=03FJ26, RF2=PR-91, RF3=(DN)-1,  RF4=GA-2002, RF5=V-01BT002, RF6=PR-92, RF7=SN-128, RF8=V-04188, RF 9=CHAM-6, RF10=99FJ03, RF11=NR-268, RF12=NR-271.

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