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Vol. 15 No. 4, Issue of July 15, 2012

Fig. 1 In vitro growth and regeneration of Ulex europaeus. (a) In vitro germination of Ulex europaeus on MS medium, after scarification with concentrated sulphuric acid. Growth of the germinated plants after six weeks transferred to (b) half-strength MS medium supplemented with 2% sucrose or (c) MS medium supplemented with 2% sucrose. Appearance of calli after culture on media supplemented with ascorbic acid 200 mg/l and the following plant growth regulators: (d) NAA 5 mg/l x BA 0.1 mg/l (1 week, callus NBA medium) and ZR 2 mg/l x GA3 0.02 mg/l x NAA 0.02 mg/l (3 weeks, shoot ZR medium) and (e) 2,4-D 1 mg/l x Kin 0.2 mg/l (1 week, callus DK medium) and Z 1 mg/l (3 weeks, shoot Z medium). Development of shoot of the callus obtained in (e) after 5 weeks (f-g) in the shoot Z medium supplemented with 200 mg/l ascorbic acid . The same shoots of (f-g) after 4 weeks on rooting medium (h) and 6 weeks after transfer to soil pots (i). (bar = 3 (a), 5 (b), 5 (c) mm, 2.5 (d), 3.2 (e), 3 (f), 3 (g), 6 (h), 10 (i) mm).