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Vol. 15 No. 4, Issue of July 15, 2012

Fig. 2 Effect of various auxin, cytokinin and antioxidants combinations on callus and shoot induction of explants of Ulex europaeus. Formation of callus was monitored at three (a) and seven weeks (b) of culture. The shoot induction is shown at seven weeks (c). NBA → ZR: combination of medium with NAA 5 mg/l x BA 0.1 mg/l for callus induction and ZR 2 mg/l x GA3 0.02 mg/l x NAA 0.02 mg/l for shoot induction. DK → Z: medium with 2,4-D 1 mg/l x Kin 0.2 mg/l for callus induction and Z 1 mg/l for shoot induction. I: control without antioxidant; II: ascorbic acid 200 mg/l; III: citric acid 100 mg/l; IV: PVPP 0.5%; V: PVPP: 2%. Values represent the mean ± standard deviation of 15 explants of 10 independent Petri dishes for each treatment. Letters (a, b, c, d) indicate statistically significant differences between means (Tukey’s HSD test. p < 0.05).