Table 4. Some initiatives concerning the greening of desert lands.

Country Climatic Feature Species Remarks

Cape Verde

Group of islands with desert-like low rainfall

Prosopis trees

Joint Project: Cape Verde National Institute with Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA), UK; Women are the main beneficiaries


Saline soils

Gobi desert

Interplantation of amaranthus grain and trees

Nitraria siberica

Shandong Teachers University project with HDRA

Pastoral shrub


Thar desert

Prosopis cineraria

Cross trials with between Oman and India using drought-resistant trees


Negev desert

Balanites aegyptica, Vitelleria paradoxa

Date palm Sahel project

Oil producing trees being domesticated

Date palm programme with Burkina Faso, Tchad Cameroon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, and Senegal

Mexico, USA

Chihuahua desert

Artemisia ludoviciana, Berberis trifolia,

Cernis canadensis var. mexicana, Ephedra torregana

Landscape plants, research in desert ecosystems

Desert medicinal plants


Namib desert

Kalahari desert

Welwitschia mirabilis

Scleorocarya birrea

Soil conditioner

Developed with Israel as an orchard crop. Fruit exploited as source of food supplements


Wahiba Sands desert

Prosopis cineraria

Bark provides edible gum; joint project with Sultan Qaboos University and Durham University (UK)

Source: DaSilva (2002)   
Supported by UNESCO / MIRCEN network