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Basic Information

Alpha, is a journal that is published every semester, founded in 1985 by professors of the Department of Humanities and Arts of the Universidad de Los Lagos (Osorno, Chile). Throughout this time, it has concentrated in its pages the interests in art, letters and philosophy with the common objective of building an academic space for the distribution of research about literary studies and the humanities, in general.

Alpha is, therefore, an evident interdisciplinary proposal regarding the sciences, that is molded on the status of equality offered to specialists in these matters, from a transdiscursive perspective. In its electronic version, the objective is to apply the potentialities offered by the internet for the transmission and exchange of research and of the knowledge that concerns an educated culture and to the semiosis of the image and social communications.

This project conciles, at the same time, the urgent need to incorporate said approaches in the development of the globalization of culture, so that the area of the humanities and the social interaction that takes place through semiotic processes, accupy a space among the new information highways. Alpha is, in consequence, an intellectual, analytical, and theoretical proposal, advanced by a group of professors of the Department of Humanities and Arts of the Universidad de Los Lagos who –with the intent to form ties around their respective disciplines— wish to fortify this area of knowledge that –as others— will make of the internet an irreplaceable instrument. In fact, the growing use of the World Wide Web in academic life is undenieable, reason for which the internet has become a key instrument for research, as is proven by the virtual libraries and bibliographic catalogues that can be consulted from any place of work, without the need to travel to the physical archives; precise and up-to-date bibliographic references can be completed due to exhaustive directories; specialized search engines or institutional sites shorten times and distances. Thanks to these, the possibilities of the internet for the professor and the researcher are not only in its current reality, but in an imminent future, a potenciality that goes furthere than the imaginable and depends, in great measure, to what the very specialists wish to do with it.

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  • The intellectual property belongs to the authors and the publication and editing rights belong to Alpha. Articles published in the journal may be used freely for educational, academic and research purposes, as long as proper citation is used. Any commercial use is explicitly punished by law.


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