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Form an preparation of manuscripts

The newsletter consists of the following sections:

a) Original Articles: Original works of Chilean and foreign authors on topics parasitological, with special emphasis on the experimental, clinical, epidemiological and parasitic diseases. These articles must be written in a concise, but must be sufficiently informative to permitiun critical analysis of results.

b) Practice notes: Brief reviews of clinical problems, or technical epidemilógicos related parasitic diseases.

c) Case reports: Description, analysis and commentary from clinical cases of special interest.

d) Current Topics Parasitological: Reviews of consjunto on parasitological problems.

e) Communications: brief information on research work in progress or completed.

f) Obituary: Analysis and brief comments on the meaning and significance of the life and work of famous parasite.

g) Correspondence: Responding to queries on topics parasitological publicaoen article and comments to the Bulletin.

h) History: General information on the parasite in Chile and abroad.

i) Bibliography: Critical analysis of works and articles published in Chile or abroad.

Original articles

Articles must be written to triple space, a machine with three copies and ordered content in accordance with the following subtitles: english Abstract. Introduction. Materials and Methods. Results. Or Comentario.Conclusiones Discussion and References. Tables should be numbered with Roman numerals, the figures (pictures), with Arabic numerals and will only be accepted when deemed essential to understanding the work. Graphs and drawings should be made in china white paper with black ink and a size no larger 29.6 cm. easily be reduced to 50%. Must have a legend on a separate page. The photomicrographs should be submitted in two equal groups: one numbered and clearly labeled with dye and a line indicating the precise increase in microns and have a legend on a separate page. The other group should just numbers on the back lightly with pencil graphite. Both for labeling and for the listing on the back should not be used for pasta or pencil use "clips" to hold the microphotographs. Citations. and references will be governed by rules established by the Style Manual of Biological Journals, published by Conference of Biological Editors. Washington, D.C. 1961.

Authors are encouraged to review and use as an exemplary model of the Boletín Chileno de Parasitología. This will avoid unnecessary corrections and adjustments and the consequent delay in the mail for eventual acceptance of the work.

Only works that meet the requirements will be included for consideration by the Editorial Committee and Consultants.

The Editorial Committee reserves the right to accept work or carry out the amendments it deems appropriate for the best presentation of the articles sent by your publication, which will be communicated in due time to the authors. However, the conclusions of this work are the sole responsibility of the Editorial Board.

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