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Scope and policy

Estudios Atacameños, Arqueología y Antropología Surandinas, publishes original contributions resulting from archaeological, social-cultural, ethno-historical and bio-anthropological research carried out in the South-Central Andes. Authors interested in publishing in Estudios Atacameños, Arqueología y Antropología Surandinas must send manuscripts that are formatted following to the journal´s editorial guidelines. All manuscripts will be evaluated by the Editorial Board and two external reviewers. Authors must transfer the copyright of the manuscript to Estudios Atacameños, Arqueología y Antropología Surandinas once it is accepted for publication, allowing the journal to publish the manuscript in its entirety in paper or electronically, including online.

Manuscripts guidelines


Manuscripts must be written in Spanish in font Times New Roman, size 12, Normal style.

Text length, including all sections, bibliography and annexes, should not exceed 30 pages (Letter), single spacing, margins 2.5 cm.

It is the responsibility of the author to follow the guidelines, revise the spelling and grammar and provide clear high-resolution images.

General guidelines


Manuscript sections:

  • Summary in Spanish (200 word limit)
  • Key words in Spanish (3-5; key words must not repeat words from the title)
  • Abstract in English (200 word limit)
  • Key words in English (3-5; key words must not repeat words from the title)
  • Text
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendices
  • References cited


Title: Font Times New Roman size 18, sentence case, centered.


Authors: Author name or names should be right aligned. Detailed institutional affiliation(s), postal and electronic addresses should appear as numbered footnotes for each author.


Text: can be subdivided in sections, using primary, secondary and tertiary titles.

Primary titles should be sentence case, bold, and aligned to the left.

Secondary titles should sentence case, aligned to the left.

Tertiary titles should appear at the beginning of the corresponding paragraph, in italics, and separated from the text by a period.

The titles ‘Summary’ and ‘Abstract’ should be written in bold capital letters, with their texts in italic.


Footnotes: all notes should appear as successively numbered footnotes (1, 2, 3…), following the sequence started by the author’s information.


Tables: all tables should be numbered sequentially in the order they are mentioned in the text. A short lowercase title for each table must be provided.


Figures (photographs, maps, drawings, graphs): figures must be in gray scale, numbered sequentially in the order in which they are cited in the text, and follow the same specifications mentioned for tables. They should be submitted as separate files (TIFF or JPG format), with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. Each manuscript is limited to a maximum of 15 figures.


References cited: bibliography must appear in the following order: author(s), year, title, publisher, and place of publication. Authors’ names are to be written in capital letters. Only the first letter of the article’s title should be capitalized, while the title of journals, books or monographs should appear in italics. Only the author’s first initials should be included. Only the first author’s surname should precede his/her initials.

Book citation:
HAMPTON, D. R., C. E. SUMMER y R. A. WEBER, 1978. Organizational behavior and the practice of management. Editorial Scott Foresman, Glenview, Illinois.

Article citation:
MUNIZAGA, J., 1974. Deformación craneal y momificación en Chile. Anales de Antropología 11:329-336.

Book chapter citation:
NICHOLS, D. L., 1987. Prehispanic irrigation at Teotiahuacán, new evidence: The Tlajinga canals. En Teotiahuacán: Nuevos datos, nuevas síntesis, nuevos problemas, E. McClung de Tapia y E. C. Rattray (Eds.), pp. 133-160. Universidad Autónoma de México, México D. F.

Volume series citation:
KOHL, P. L., 1987. The use and abuse of world systems theory: The case of the Pristine West Asian State. En Advances of archaeological method and theory, vol. 11, M. Schiffer (Ed.), pp. 1-35. Academic Press, San Diego.


Submitting manuscripts

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to:

  • Estudios Atacameños, Arqueología y Antropología Surandinas

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