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Izquierdas, Una mirada histórica desde América Latina. Journal of Historiography Journal Izquierdas is ahead of print electronic publication of Ariadna Ediciones.

Objective: promote and spread the research about the history of the facts and ideas of the broad Latin-American socialist culture, as well as its links and experiences with other regional and extra regional political cultures.

Formats: about the before-mentioned objective, Izquierdas receives, validates and spreads scientific-academic work produced by universities and other specialized organisms in Chile and abroad. Its main spreading formats are: Scientific articles resulting from research with public or private sponsorship; Academic presentations: works presented in public events such as Congresses, Seminars, Symposia, etc.; Review of source and documentary archives; Bibliographic reviews and commentaries.

Areas of interest: Considering the broad field of historiography, its new fields, objectives and approaches, Izquierdas receives every relevant work regarding its basic topic: social, political, and cultural history; international relations; gender, queer, cultural, sociological, philosophical, and source studies.   

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