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Scope and policy

Objectives and Editorial Policies

The Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research is devoted to the publication of original works related to electronic commerce and related fields, or works that present the results of studies and research concerning the joint activities of the segments of business and information technology, both theoretical and applied.

In that context, electronic commerce is understood as an inherently interdisciplinary area of research, with both an investigative and analytic purpose. Objectives include the study of the phenomena correlated to business practices and market processes enabled by Internet and Web technologies, social, legal, educational and cultural concerns, personal privacy and security aspects, communications technologies, and mobile connectivity among many other topics of interest in this rapidly evolving field. The activities of the segment of e-commerce are considered as those developed by public and private institutions.

The ecommerce segment includes, therefore, components of several other fields, as computer science, psychology, economics, organizational theory, and the natural sciences.

Editorial Normative

Unpublished original works will be accepted and submitted to the approval of well-recognized referees that are specialists in the topics under consideration.
Original works will be published in the English language.
The publishing arm of the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research holds the right to introduce alterations to the original works, with the aim of maintaining the uniformity and the quality of the publication, although respecting the authors' style and opinions. The typographic proofs will be sent to the authors for final approval.
The articles published in the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research can be reprinted in part or completely, provided that the Publisher of the journal and the respective author give express authorization, as well as the original source of publication given credit.
All opinions and research output stated by the articles’ authors are their exclusive responsibility.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Sending of manuscripts

Papers for consideration should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief:

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