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Basic information

The Nueva Revista del Pacífico, which was founded in 1964, belongs to the Humanities School at Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaíso, Chile. From 2013 on, the magazine is published every semester and it accepts unpublished studies and articles in literature and linguistics and all its related works in cinema and other means of communication. This magazine is open to any researcher from any University, either private or public, from Chile or any foreign country and written in Spanish, English, French or Portuguese.

Its title abbreviation is Nueva rev. pac., which must be used in bibliographies, footnotes, legends and bibliographic references.

Information services

The articles published in Nueva Revista del Pacífico  are indexed or summarized by:

  • Dialnet
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  • SciELO-Chile


Information on copyright: name of the owner of the copyright, policy of the journal with respect to the photocopy of articles, and other matters, procedures of the journal.


The publication of this journal is financially supported by:

  • Universidad de Playa Ancha de Ciencias de la Educación
    Facultad de Humanidades

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