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Scope and policy

Revista de Análisis Económico – Economic Analysis Review (RAE-EAR) is an international, bilingual journal published by ILADES / Georgetown University. The journal is aimed at furthering theoretical and empirical analysis of economic issues in general. Papers on issues that are relevant for developing countries, in particular Latin America, are especially encouraged.

Procedures of valuation by pairs (peer review):

All manuscripts submitted to RAE-EAR go thru the following review process. First, they are assigned to an Associate Editor who quickly determines if the article is suitable to continue the process. If the article is not suited it is returned to the author without further delay. Second, the articles that continue the process are assigned to at least two peer reviewers, who within three months must recommend to the Associate Editor the acceptance of the paper (or its acceptance conditional on minor modifications), suggest important modifications to the paper and postpone the acceptance/rejection decision (aka, revise and resubmit), or the rejection of the article. In all cases each referee prepares a report for the author and, if they consider it necessary, a different one for the Associate Editor.

In the first case, after the author includes the modifications the associate editor of the paper reviews the paper and makes the final decision. In the case of revision and resubmission, the second version of the article is reviewed by the Associate Editor and, if he/she considers it necessary, by the referees. The Associate Editor then determines if the paper is accepted, rejected, or if further modifications are required before making the final decision.

The peer-review process is double-blinded.

The Editorial Board makes every effort so that the first part of the review process, from the article reception until the first decision is communicated to the authors, lasts up to four months.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Manuscripts are accepted both in English and Spanish. They must include title, abstract and keywords in both languages. (RAE – EAR may provide a translation upon request)

Each article should be accompanied by a title page that includes: all authors' names, institutional affiliations, address, telephone numbers, and e-mail address. Accepted articles must conform to the style guide provided at:

Sending of manuscripts

Authors who wish to send manuscripts for publication must consider:

Manuscripts must be original unpublished work and should not be under consideration for publication at any other Journal.

An electronic version must be submitted either in pdf formato or as a MS Word document.

Papers can be griten either in english or spanish and will be published in its original language.

Each paper must include an abstract no longer than 100 words in English or Spanish.

All manuscripts follow a double-blind revision process.

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