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Basic information

The Revista Chilena de Derecho Privado (RChDP) is produced by the Fundación Fernando Fueyo Laneri and published in the months of July and December each year.

Born in 2003 the journal is an initiative of the Fernando Fueyo Laneri Foundation and is currently run by its second Director, Mr. Iñigo de la Maza Gazmuri.

The Chilean Journal of Private Law is a specialized publication whose main commitments is to contribute to the study of the field of Private Law by fostering critical debate, trough the dialogue between scholars and practitioners and, establishing ties among the different players by domestic and foreign legal environment.

The electronic version of the Journal is available to the community online at the Scielo Chile scientific library ( and on Dialnet (

The Chilean Journal of Private Law contains five permanent sections:

  • Articles
  • Doctrine and Comparative Jurisprudence
  • Commentaries on Jurisprudence
  • Journal Reviews
  • Reviews

Information services

The articles published in the Revista Chilena de Derecho Privado have been included in the following international indexes:

  • Library of Congress Online Catalog- USA
  • Dialnet
  • SciELO Chile


The Fundación Fernando Fueyo Laneri, through its Journal on private law entitled Revista Chilena de Derecho Privado, seeks to encourage, facilitate and foster the study, research and dissemination of private law.

  1. Intellectual property rights shall be construed as transferred by the author to the Journal upon communication of acceptance of the article for publication.
  2. All requests for commercial use or reproduction shall be addressed to the Director of the Journal. All authorized reproductions, in any format, must cite the article and journal in full.
  3. Printing and copying of articles for personal use is expressly authorized. For educational purposes only, links may also be created to specific articles on the Journal’s server. The use of the digital version of the Journal and/or parts thereof on servers accessible to the general public shall not be permitted unless expressly authorized by the Director.

Non-profit higher education institutions may reproduce photostatic copies of print articles for educational purposes. In such cases, the Director shall be informed of the name of the course in which the article(s) will be utilized, the photostatic copies shall be complete and include intellectual property acknowledgment and distribution shall not be subject to any fee, other than the cost of reproduction itself. The use of the digital version of the Journal and/or parts thereof, however, shall not be permitted on the educational institution’s public access server without express authorization of the Director.


The Journal is supported by the Fundación Fernando Fueyo Laneri, in turn composed of the heirs of Mr. Fernando Fueyo Laneri, and by the y la Escuela de Derecho de la Universidad Diego Portales.

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