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Scope and policy

We welcome original scientific work, in Spanish, English or Portuguese language, covering all areas within the Construction field.

Prior to their publication, papers are assessed by experts from our Reviewer Committee according to the next procedure.

Papers assessment procedure:


The editorial board, conformed by two professionals of the construction field and the Editor, have the responsibility of receiving the papers and broadcast the first judgment on the formal aspects, in addition to refuse an article when this one does not fulfill with the basic publication instructions and is out of the Journal subject-matters or is not provided with enough scientific and academic merit.


The Editor will send the paper to an external publishing institution arbiter (member of the Reviewer Committee) specialist in the topic, which will have to realize the evaluation in accordance with a guideline previously elaborated. This arbiter will have to refuse, accept or accept with distinction an article. In case of rejection, the arbiter will establish this situation, and then the paper will be returned to the author with the pertinent remarks.


The arbiter or reviewers will have to verify that all the formal aspects are fulfilled, in addition to verifying that the conclusions are according to the exposed methodological designs and the raised targets. The arbiters will know the identity of the authors, but the authors will not know their reviewers.


If the papers have minor or medium remarks, and if the paper is accepted, the Editor will contact the author for realize the modifications indicated in a prudent term, as soon as these modifications were made, the paper will be in conditions to be published.


If the paper is not accepted it will be sent to another external arbiter; if the rejection is confirmed, the paper will be definitely refused and the decision will be communicated to the author and the corresponding evaluations will be sent.


If the paper is rejected by an arbiter and accepted for another one, the paper will be sent to the author with the corresponding evaluations, once the modifications were realized the Advisory Committee will include it again in the list of papers to evaluate.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Papers submitted for publication will comply with the following requirements:

  • They must be written including at least the four following sections Introduction, Results, Discussion and Conclusions.
    Microsoft Office Word file (97 or older).
  • Text in Times New Roman or Arial, size: 12pt, Justified.
  • Title, Three Keywords and Abstract should be included in both Spanish and English languages.
  • Abstracts’ length should be between 100 to 200 words.
  • All equations, figures, photos, tables and diagrams must be submitted separately from the text, in their original format.
  • References are to be presented according to APA (American Psychology Association) standards.
The papers sent to Revista de la Construcción do not have to be published or considered in another journal.

Sending of manuscripts

Papers must be submitted in a digital format to

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