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Scope and policy

The Revista does not publish solely sociological, historical or philosophical works; neither does it publish merely dissemination, talks, conferences not remake under article form, essays (“reflections”, “considerations”, “notes,” etc.) or lege ferenda proposals.

The Revista does not foresee a section on reviews of particular books.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

GENERAL SCOPE OF TOPICS: European Law, Latin American Law, Chilean Law, Public Law, Private Law, Comparative Law, Canonical Law, Philosophy of Law, History of Law, History of Juridical Thinking, History of Political Thinking.

AUDIENCE: The Revista particularly addresses professors and researchers whose areas are the juridical sciences, both professionals and students, and it also aspires to influence technical opinions of judges and lawyers and, in general, of those who are called to apply the law.

PUBLICATION PERIOD: The Revista is published six-monthly and is available from June 30 and from December 31 every year.

MANAGERS: The Revista is under the scientific care of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso School of Law, Chile. Its production, graphic design and commercial management are under Ediciones Universitarias de Valparaíso. The respective addresses are indicated below.

COLLABORATIONS: Collaborators to the Revista should adhere to the “Guidelines on Writing” and to the “Acronyms and abbreviations” included in each volume.

READING OF ARTICLES: All articles received for publication at the Revista’s Office will be subject to an initial judgment of its Director with the purpose of both verifying if the contents of the articles match the scientific disciplines the Revista publishes and giving a preliminary opinion about the status of original research and about its quality.

The Director of the Revista is authorized to decline the publication of an article with no explanation when it does not match the scientific area the Revista publishes or if its background quality is apparent or evidently inferior.

If the Director of the Revista initially considers the article publishable, s/he will inform the Editing Board, who will do a new in-depth reading. In case reception of the article is confirmed, the Board will submit it to two specialists for its analysis. These two experts may be members of the International Scientific Council or other specialists, according to the needs and availability.

With the above documentation, the Editing Board will ultimately decide upon the publication or will decline the publication of the manuscript. When the reports suggest minor modifications, the author will be asked to make them. Reception and notice of the final decision should not take over a month.

Once the article has been approved for publication, the article will be subject to an editing process, whose stages are:

a) adaptation of the manuscript’s format to the “Guidelines for Writing” of the Revista (see below) under the supervision of its Director.
b)the manuscript’s technical composition in its publishing house.
c)introduction of the manuscript into the table of contexts (see below).

OFFPRINTS: Authors will receive 25 free offprints of their own works. They will also be able to request additional offprints to Ediciones Universitarias de Valparaíso.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: The updated index of authors and table of contents in all copies of the Revista, including the most recent one, can be consulted at the following website: [Publicaciones/ Publicaciones/ Índice de la Revista de Derecho].

Sending of manuscripts

Communications regarding academic or noncommercial issues, exchange and the like should be submitted to:

  • Consejo de Edición de la Revista de Derecho
    Escuela de Derecho
    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
    Casilla 4059, Valparaíso, Chile
    Fax: (56-32) 2273 430
    Telephone: (56-32) 2273104

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