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The University of Concepción Law Review (Chile) it’s a general studies law review, published since 1933 by the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the reffered University, in Chile.

Of semiannual periodicity, Its purpose is to disseminate the analysis and criticism in all branches of Law, specially Administrative law, Civil law, Constitutional law, Commercial law, Procedure law, Labour law, International law, Criminal law, Economical law, Environmental law, Tax law, Jurisprudence, as well as the historical sources of these disciplines. Currently it has sections of studies, comments of case law and bibliographical reviews. It is aimed to the national and international academic community, students, teachers, researchers and professionals in the field of law and related disciplines.

The electronic version of the Journal is available for the community on the website of the University of Concepción ( and the scientific library Scielo Chile (

Its abbreviated title is Rev Der UdeC, and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.

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The opinions expressed in this journal reflect the view of their authors and do not necessarily represent the publishing institution.

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The publication of the journal is financed and supported by the School of Law of the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of the University of Concepción (UdeC).

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