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Scope and policy

The University of Concepción Law Review is a journal of general law studies, published since 1933, by the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of the Universidad de Concepción, Chile. It has biannual periodicity.

The Journal publishes original and unpublished works, in Spanish, selected by a qualified Editorial Board and refereed by external peers. The criterion for the selection of papers is guided by quality guidelines, interest in the topics, relevance, timeliness, level of writing and formalization of the paper, use of sources and pertinent bibliography.

The editorial team will select the papers received and the Director will send them to 2 external peers, who will evaluate them according to the double blind peer review modality and according to a previously established guideline that contemplates aspects of content and form (writing, adjustment to norms, etc.). If there are contradictory evaluations about a work, it will be sent to a third evaluator, whose opinion will be final.

The result will be communicated to the author within 60 days of receipt.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

The publication has the following permanent sections:

  • Reaserch articles (max. extension: 25 pp.)
  • Comments of judgments (max. extension: 10 pp.)
  • Bibliographic reviews (max. extension: 4 pp.)

Exceptionally, a higher extension will be admitted for justified reasons.

The papers must be sent in Word format, letter size, Times New Roman font, size of the character 12, simple line spacing, justified text and 3 cm margins in each edge.

The following characteristics should be considered for submission of articles:

a) Cover: title in Spanish and English, author name. At the bottom of the page, institutional affiliation, city and country. source of funding for the research, title and / or degree of the author, e-mail, which must be marked with an asterisk (*).

b) Summary (maximum 10 lines) and keywords (maximum 4 words) / Abstract and Keywords.

c) Development. Within the text, the titles and subtitles must follow a hierarchical order.

d) Tables, tables or graphics cannot exceed the size of a page.

e) Quotations or references of works cited must be made according to our editorial standards, available at the following link.

Sending of manuscripts

The papers must be sent via email to or to our postal address: P.O. Box 160-C, Mail no. 3, Concepción, Chile. In this case, in addition to sending the printed document, it must be sent in digital file.

The submission of a paper to the University of Concepción Law Review implies that the author declares to be the original author of the journal, has not been published before or is in the process of being published, has read and respected the editorial standards of the journal and is committed to do not submit it to simultaneous evaluations in other journals. Likewise, it gives the journal authorization for publication and dissemination by any means it deems appropriate.

Authors whose articles have been published will receive one copy of the journal and the corresponding electronic version of their article.

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