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Scope and policy

The Inter-American Journal of Environment and Tourism (RIAT) is a publication published by the College of Economics and Business of the Universidad de Talca, interested in disseminating articles -in Spanish and English- of quality that report research results (original articles), in the areas and subfields of environmental management and tourism, as well as other related disciplines. Preference is given to those manuscripts related to the areas of:

ENVIRONMENT: environmental economics, sustainability of tourism, management and environmental impact,

TOURISM: tourism management, tourism services, agro-tourism, ecological tourism, territorial development and economic impact of tourism.

Articles can be submitted to the following sections: Research results, literature review and scientific notes
The manuscripts submitted to the RIAT undergo a process of double review of blind peers or referees. The resulting reports of the referee provide information to the RIAT editors, who will make final decisions about the publication. All manuscripts will be evaluated for their scholarly excellence, including contributions to the relevant theory, policy and practice, the appropriateness of methodological strategies, the quality of the argument and the clarity of the presentation. RIAT does not consider manuscripts that are under consideration by other journals.

The publication is biannual, JANUARY-JUNE and JULY-DECEMBER of each year.

Authors must send their manuscripts to RIAT electronically by registering on the web

Form and preparation of manuscripts

General Structure & Titles, Sections and Subsection Styles

The articles may have the following structure: Title, Abstract, keywords, Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusions & References.

The instructions for defining titles and subtitles are:

The title should be in CAPITAL BOLD LETTER; centered to the page.

The Section title should be CAPITAL BOLD LETTER; it is this aligned along the left margin.

Subsection title should be in lower case letter and bold; it is this aligned along the left margin.

Subsubsection title should be in “lower case” and normal letter; it is this aligned along the left margin.

Manuscript language & Length

All manuscripts should be written in Spanish or English but abstracts should be in both languages. Manuscripts submitted to RIAT should be no longer than 20 pages of text including figures, tables, photos, & references (single-spaced Calibri light 10-point font).

Abstract & Keywords

An Abstract is required for all submitted manuscripts. This should appear on a page of its own, following the title page and preceding the first page of text. The Abstract should be a single paragraph of 250 characters or less that briefly describes the problem under consideration, objectives, the analytical approach (Methodology), and the major findings (Conclusions). References and citations to other work should not be included in the Abstract. Following the Abstract include a set of not more than 5 keywords identifying major notions or concepts introduced in the article.

Illustrations (Figures and tables)

All tables and figures should be submitted with manuscripts for review. These should be clearly coordinated with text material, with specific references made to the tables or figures. All must be captioned, and numbered sequentially. Tables should be discussed in the text, but capable of clear interpretation on their own. The final submission of accepted manuscripts must include tables and figures of professional quality. Equations should be numbered sequentially.

References & Citations

The RIAT follow APA Norms of Style & Citation.


Aspects of auto identification of authors

The RIAT employs a double-blind review process. Therefore, authors should remove all self-identification information from the version of the manuscript that will be sent out to referees. Authors may leave citations to their own work in the manuscript, as long as those citations refer to published work and do not identify themselves in any way.

Authors Identification

Authors must provide the following contact information for each author during registration on line. However, one author should be clearly designated as the contact author for the manuscript:

  • Author’s name(s).
  • Final Academic Degree.
  • Author’s title or Position, e.g., Associate Professor, Academic degree, etc.
  • Complete mailing address, including institutional affiliation.
  • E-mail address; and telephone number.
  • Biographic data.

Sending of manuscripts

Authors must send their manuscripts to RIAT electronically by registering on the web

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