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Revista Latinoamericana de Educación Inclusiva, RLEI, is a free access scientific publication published semiannually by Centro de Desarrollo e Innovación en Educación Inclusiva at Universidad Central de Chile in collaboration with Red Iberoamericana de Investigación sobre Cambio y Eficacia Escolar, RINACE. The journal’s main objectives are:

  1. Generating a space for academic dialogue and reflection on the great dilemmas and challenges of inclusive education in the field of educational policies, culture and practices.

  2. Collecting and disseminating studies, research, programmes and innovative experiences that contribute to knowledge and development of schools that accept and respond to the diversity of characteristics and needs of students and sociocultural contexts.

  3. Promoting proposals and strategies aimed at improving quality and equity of educational systems, with special attention to the most vulnerable sectors and groups.

Revista Latinoamericana de Educación Inclusiva is published semiannually in June and December. All articles received are subjected to a strict double-blind peer evaluation.

Issues have a monographic section with a topic predetermined and coordinated by a guest editor, and a section including free subject matter articles. Original or very poorly disseminated works in Latin America are published, addressing the following topics:

  • Progress and difficulties experienced by educational inclusion at the level of educational legislation, policies, attitudes and practices.

  • Reflections and conceptual reviews associated with the principles and theoretical foundations of inclusive education and its relationship with quality and equity of education.

  • Analysis of barriers hindering the development of an inclusive approach (in educational systems, schools and classrooms), as well as processes change and improvement to overcome difficulties.

  • Approaches, programmes and results linked to education of indigenous people, with special educational needs (associated with disability or not), poverty sectors, immigrants, etc.

  • Proposals and experiences in response to diversity with reference to curricular adaptations; learning methodologies and strategies; assessment procedures and tools; educational means and materials.

  • Reviews of the literature related to inclusive education, attention to diversity and special educational needs.

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and quality of educational processes in inclusive school settings.

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