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Acquisition of the journal

Without cost for the Partners of the Medical Society of Santiago.

The value of the annual subscription is of:
$ 220.000.- for doctors nonPartners of the Medical Society of Santiago and
$ 22.000.- each number.

The value for Institutions is of:
$ 242.000.-

To the medicine students a special tariff of:
$ 95.000.- by is granted to them the annual subscription and, of
$ 9.500.- All the values include IVA.

All subscription will have to become by means of payment advanced to the Direction of the Magazine.

For the foreign subscribers the value is of:
US$ 240 aerial route in South America and, of
US$ 260 aerial route to Europe.

Change of direction: All change of direction will have to communicate opportunely. The Magazine does not take responsibility by the loss of unit due to the nonfulfillment of this disposition.

  • All journals included in are open access publications.

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