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Scope and policy

Teología y Vida is a publication of the Department of Theology of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Four numbers are published annually. The publication has as its objective the diffusion of research and thought in the area of theology and related disciplines. The publication is directed towards researchers, teachers and students of an advanced level, as well as to persons at the university level, or to those of similar interests regarding themes in theological and related areas.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Teología y Vida prints unpublished articles that fulfill requirements of scientific research, originality and depth. These must be made available for their publication in digital format using Word, letter size 12. The maximum length for the articles submitted is 40 pages of letter size using single spacing. The articles must come with an abstract of 10 to 15 lines. The bibliographical references of the works must be cited in footnotes. Articles in languages other than Spanish are accepted. The author must put his or her full name, position and the name of the institution that he or she works in.

Evaluation procedure: The Editorial Committee requests evaluations of the work by two professors of recognized competence in the discipline that the article represents. If the two evaluators both give a positive response, the article is published. If one is negative, a third evaluator is asked to decide. Eventually the author may be required or given the recommendation to make certain corrections (in any case, the author will be informed of each step of the procedure, while the evaluators’ identities will be kept anonymous).

Sending of manuscripts

The manuscripts can be sent by regular post to Casilla 316—Correo 22 / Santiago, Chile, accompanied by a digital backup, or by e-mail to The articles that appear in Teología y Vida may be published elsewhere afterwards, but this requires a written request to the Editorial Committee. After authorization, the article can be published with complete references to its origins (author, periodical, year, volume, number of pages).

The opinions expressed in the articles and published works of Teología y Vida are the exclusive responsibility of their respective authors.

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