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Coverage and publishing policy

The works to be considered in the Magazine Última Década must be unpublished, not published in other magazines or books. The Publishing Committee will be able to accept articles that do not fulfill this requirement.

Arbitration: The received articles will be put under evaluation, to recommendation of the Director of the Magazine, where the Publishing Committee will send the article to independent referees for its acceptance or rejection with regards to its publication. In case of rejection, a report to the author will be emitted where the reasons of the decision are indicated. The Publishing Committee will be able to ask for articles from authors of recognized prestige, who will not be put under the process of evaluation by referees.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Extension: The article must have an extension between 12 and 15 pages (approximately between 8,000 and 10,000 words), letter size, simple space, font size12, including graphs, pictures, diagrams, bibliographical notes and references.

LANGUAGES: Articles in Spanish and portuguese are acceptes, which will be published in its original language.

Summary and key words: The article must have a summary on the front page, of not more than 100 words, that synthesize their most excellent intentions and conclusions. Equally, three key words must be included, that as far as possible it is not in the title of the work, for effects of bibliographical index-linking.

Biographical note: On the front page, in page note on foot, they must brief a brief curricular review of th author/s, considering academic nationality, titles and/or degrees, performance and/or present professional affiliation and its direction of electronic mail, for possible communication with the lecturer/s or author/s.

Bibliographical References: Include only the texts cited in the article. Use updated APA standards for bibliographic references. It is the responsibility of the authors to quote correctly.

Rights: The rights of published article, will be yielded by the author/s to the Magazine.

Young investigators: The Publishing Committee will positively consider the shipment of newer, smaller articles on the part of investigator/s younger than 30 years of age, as a form of incentive and support to those who begin their career in investigation.

Shipment of manuscripts

The works must be sent via e-maill to the Director of the Magazine Última Década to this address:

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