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BAEZ, Yolanda A; LIMON, Jorge; TLAPA, Diego A    RODRIGUEZ, Manuel A. Implementing Six Sigma and Taguchi Methods to Obtain an Increased Resistance on a Pull Test of a Light Emitting Diode. []. , 21, 1, pp.63-76. ISSN 0718-0764.  http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-07642010000100011.

This paper deals with the application of six sigma methodology (DMAIC) and Taguchi methods to solve the problem of low resistance of the pulling test of a light emitting diode (LED), which is used in the assembly of cellular telephones in a northwest Mexican electronic company. After finishing this project a significant improvement was achieved that made possible to increase process capability from 0.56 to 1.45 and the impact in cost reduction only by the elimination of waste was of 130 thousand US dollars in savings per year. This achievement did not require additional investment, it was only necessary to control each of the most important factors in the process.

: six sigma; Taguchi methods; pull test; light emitting diode.

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