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Proyecciones (Antofagasta)

versión impresa ISSN 0716-0917

Proyecciones (Antofagasta) vol.38 no.4 Antofagasta dic. 2019 


Some fixed point theorems for generalized Kannan type mappings in b-metric spaces

Nehjamang Haokip1

Nilakshi Goswami2 

1Gauhati University, Dept. of Mathematics, Guwahati, AS, India, e-mail:

2Gauhati University, Dept. of Mathematics, Guwahati, AS, India, e-mail:


In this paper, we prove some fixed point theorems in b-metric spaces using subadditive altering distance function. Some of these results generalize many existing fixed point theorems for Kannan type mappings. The results are justified with suitable examples.

Keywords: b-metric space; Subadditive altering distance function; Kannan type mappings.

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The authors are grateful to the referee for his valuable comments.


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Received: July 2018; Accepted: August 2018

Creative Commons License This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License