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Revista médica de Chile
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Table of contents
Rev. méd. Chile vol.129 n.7 Santiago July 2001

 ·  Prevalence of metabolic disorders among family members of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
Benítez M, Ricardo; Sir-Petermann, Teresa; Palomino A, Alberto; Angel B, Bárbara; Maliqueo Y, Manuel; Pérez B, Francisco; Calvillán C, Marcelo

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Germline mutations of the ret proto- oncogen in Chilean patients with hereditary and sporadic medullary thyroid carcinoma
Wohllk G, Nelson; Becker C, Pedro; Youlton R, Ronald; J Cote, Gilbert; F Gagel, Robert

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Etiology of acute bacterial meningitis in Chilean children from 1989 to 1998.: Impact of anti H influenzae type b vaccine
Díaz P, José Manuel; Catalán N, Lía; Urrutia L, María Teresa; Prado J, Valeria; Ledermann D, Walter; Mendoza N, Carmen; Topelberg V, Santiago

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  CD44 (HCAM) expression in subserous gallbladder carcinoma
Roa E, ván; Villaseca H, Miguel; Araya O, Juan; Roa S, Juan; de Aretxabala U, Xabier; Ibacache S, Gilda; García V, Marcela

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  HTLV-I seronegative idiopathic progressive spastic paraparesis: Clinical and neurophysiological study of the sensory features
Castillo C, José Luis; Cea M, Gabriel; Cartier R, Luis; Verdugo L, Renato

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Celiac disease in adolescents and young adults.: A follow-up study
Roessler B, José Luis; Ríos M, Gloria; Alarcón O, Teresa; Bergenfreid O, Carmen; Mondragón O, Alexandra; Araya Q, Magdalena

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Frequency of gastric cancer in endoscopies performed in symptomatic patients at a Secondary Care Health Center
Calvo B, Alfonso; Pruyas A, Martha; Nilsen V, Eva; Verdugo L, Patricia

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Comparison of endoscopic and surgical treatment for acute cholangitis caused by choledocolithiasis
Anselmi M, Mario; Salgado O, Julio; Arancibia S, Andrés; Alliu M, Carla

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Survival of grafts in the first 100 renal transplants at the Carlos van Buren Hospital in Chile
Poblete B, Hugo; Toro C, José; Nicovani H, Víctor; Cevallos P, Mónica; Orriols W, Miguel

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Acute myocardial infarction caused by total occlusion of the left main coronary artery.: Report of one case treated with percutaneous endoluminal revascularization
Ramírez N, Alfredo; Ugalde P, Héctor; Dussaillant N, Gastón; Toro B, Carlos; Zamorano G, Jaime; Silva J, Ana María; Farías Ch, Eric

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Toxocariasis manifesting as an hypereosinophilic syndrome with predominant neurological involvement.: Report of one adult case
Ardiles S, Adriana; Chanqueo C, Leonardo; Reyes O, Viviana; Araya C, Luis

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Imported myasis: seven cases of cutaneous parasitism caused by Dermatobia hominis
Schenone F, Hugo; Apt B, Werner; Vélez F, Rodrigo; Bustamante H, Santiago; Sepúlveda C, Cecilia; Montaldo L, Gustavo; Salinas C, Elba

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Geum chiloense (Hierba del clavo) modifying cyclosporine levels.: Report of one case
Duclos H, Jaime; Goecke S, Helmuth

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Molecular pathology: Applications of molecular biological techniques in pathology
I Wistuba O, Ignacio

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Polycystic ovary syndrome: The importance of establishing diagnosis
Sir-Petermann, Teresa; Maliqueo Y, Manuel; Pérez-Bravo, Francisco; Angel B, Bárbara; Carvajal P, Fernando; del Solar P, María Paz; Benítez M, Ricardo

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Antidepressant pharmacotherapy
Retamal C, Pedro

        · abstract in English     · text in Spanish
 ·  Quality control in Medicine: Position of the Chilean Academy of Medicine
Goic G, Alejandro; Segovia P, Sylvia

        · text in Spanish
 ·  Endoscopic sigmoidopexy using T fasteners
Kirberg B, Arturo; Pinedo M, George

        · text in Spanish
 ·  Role of the Universities in medical specialties certification
González E., Patricio

        · text in Spanish
 ·  Professional quality assurance
García, Roberto E

        · text in Spanish
Rosselot J., Eduardo

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